DIAMOND PROFILE Executive Development

As an acclaimed diamond individual, you need to invest in yourself in order to:

  • Get synergy between your professional and personal life
  • Experience greater meaning and fulfillment in all aspects of life
  • Become an even greater asset to your company and for your loved ones

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THE SHORT WALK TO FREEDOM Robben Island seminar

Prison_Gustav"We as leaders are all prisoners without knowing: Prisoners of paradigms, prejudice end personal pain. If we can learn from prisoners of the past, we can shorten our walk to freedom to leave longer time for leadership in our respective circles." - Gustav Gous.


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The Cultural Mapping & Navigation© program is designed to develop cultural learners who are aware of their own culture, appreciate the culture of others, and know how to turn cultural differences into cultural bridges that develop coexistence into synergy in work and living settings. The program allows for Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) to be developed and applied on individual, team and organizational levels in areas like the following:
  • Individual Coaching: Inter-Cultural Intelligence
  • Inter-Cultural Team Building Interventions
  • Inter-Cultural Team Development and Dynamics
  • Inter-Cultural Conflict Resolution
  • Inter-Cultural Negotiations
  • Inter-Cultural Communication

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You have played hard and fast in the first half; now is the time to alter your game plan to play smart and effective in the remainder of the game of life. This is a time-out or half-time seminar (i) to determine your life purpose and (ii) to rid yourself of all the aspects holding you back from living your life purpose to the full. The best way to guarantee your own future is to create it! This second half kick-off seminar will launch you with renewed motivation on your life-journey. You have worked hard to raise your standard of living, now it is time for quality of life. This seminar will help you to become one of the few people who experience real meaning to life.:

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Trauma at the workplace affects people and productivity adversely. After being involved in the debriefing of many work related traumas (such as industrial fires, explosions, fatal accidents, suicides of colleagues, murders amongst staff, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, etc), dr Gustav Gous and his team are available on call to help you to manage the aftermath of the traumatic event. Skills transfer also available in seminar format to train leaders or HR practitioners to do the debriefing themselves. Such a seminar will equip you to take the people through the emotional processes to come to terms with the trauma. Trauma debriefing is necessary as soon as possible after the event, and will help a company to recover real soon to full productivity. Untreated trauma will cost a company many unproductive hours amongst staff, not to talk about individual suffering. Can you afford not to look after your people in this regard?

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Personal problems are like your shadow, no matter which way you turn, they follow you to the workplace. Crises have no respect for rank - they grab hold of anybody. Many responsible companies make in-house counseling available to their personnel. Based on his extensive experience over a period of 9 years as a company counselor for an international petrochemical giant, dr Gustav Gous can equip HR and EAP practitioners in the basics of how to do counseling in companies. Where employee assistance and well-being programmes focus on the majority of the people, it is also necessary to get a specialist like dr Gustav Gous to do executive counseling and to act as a life-coach for leaders. (See also the short article under 'Media').

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In collaboration with my associates, Sabie Xtreme adventures, we can offer you 2 to 3 day team building programmes inclusive of:

  • White water tubing
  • Bridge swinging
  • Caving (exploring caves in the vicinity)
  • 'Kloofing' (walking/exploring one of the most beautiful unspoilt valleys (valley='kloof')
  • Abseiling.

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