Clients include:
(According to categories)

Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty:
Sportron International
Van Heerden Group

Financial Institutions/ Insurance Houses:
Standard Private Bank
First National Bank
Masreq Bank
Rentmeester Insurers
Stoploss Insurance
Insurance Brokers Council

Motor Industry:
Toyota: Motorsport Division
Motor Industry Federation
Netstar (Vehicle Tracking)

Petro-Chemical Industry & Electricity Supply:
Oryx Petroleum, Qatar
Sasol Synfeuls Secunda
Sasol Synfeuls International
Sasol Carbo Tar
Sasol Oil
Sasol Fertilizer
Sasol Polymers
Sasol Infrachem
Sasol Gas
Sasol Chemical Industries:
SCI: Solvents
SCI: Akrylo

Mining Houses:
De Beers: Namaqualand Diamond Mine
De Beers: Cullinan Diamond Mine
Secunda Coal Mines

Manufacturing & Heavy Industry:
Denel: LIW
Mondi Kraft
Fraser Alexander Bulk Mech


Real Estate:
Topnet Properties

Hotels/Hospitality Industry:
Accor Group: Formula 1 Hotels
Le Meridien Hotels

Marketing Councils:
Institute of Marketing Management (IMM)
National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC)
Marketing Federation of Southern Africa

Chambers of Commerce:

Academic & Research Institutions:
Unisa (University of South Africa)
University of Pretoria
Technicon Pretoria
Institute for Agricultural Research: ILI

National, Provincial and Local Government:
Gauteng Transport Department
Department of Health:
Cluster Medical Regulatory Affairs
Eastern Cape Education Department
Gariep Municipality

National Botanical Gardens
The King's Fund, London
YEO: Young Entrepreneurs Organization (Dubai Chapter)


"Gustav chased us out of our comfort zones, and then showed us how to face up to anything life can throw at you. He is the answer to the "life-owes-me" syndrome!"
William Haddad,
Toyota Motorsport.

"Dr. Gous is brilliant...He touched and inspired all employees on all levels with his style. He equipped them to deal with change in the workplace, and to act emotionally intelligent in the workplace."
Adam Mostert, CEO,
Sasol Fertilizer.

"Gustav's enthusiastic and professional approach, complemented by his knowledge and years of experience, captures the mind and soul of any audience. His customised 'Apprenticeship in people skills' programme provided us with easy to use tools in handling emotions and relations in the workplace and in our personal lives."
Leadership Team,
Sasol Gas Circuit.

"Excellent presentation. Realistic holistic approach to stress. Makes sense. Can be applied. Good use of humour. A tonic in itself"
Willem Louw and his Management Team,

"...workable solutions and tools for complex but everyday problems... based on solid values and extensive practical experience. Gustav captures everybody's attention with his fundamental insight in the whole human being."
Bram de Klerk, CEO,
Sasol Synthetic Fuels.

"...not only and inspiration, but also a revelation! No management team can really afford to be without you as part of their team!"
Hans Heilgendorff, Curator:
National Botanical Garden (Pretoria)

"...excellent motivational sessions with immediate results in the change of attitudes...Refreshing, inspiring and very professional!"
Piet Van Vuuren, Assistant GM:
Rentmeester Assurance Ltd.

After being invited back for the fifth time:
"Gustav consistently delivers what is asked for, in a very easy to understand a good coach should."
Fritz Rieseberg, GM
Finance Nedcor Ltd.

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