Inter Cultural Intelligence

The Cultural Mapping & Navigation© program is designed to develop cultural learners who are aware of their own culture, appreciate the culture of others, and know how to turn cultural differences into cultural bridges that develop coexistence into synergy in work and living settings. The program allows for Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) to be developed and applied on individual, team and organizational levels in areas like the following:  

  • Individual Coaching: Inter-Cultural Intelligence
  • Inter-Cultural Team Building Interventions
  • Inter-Cultural Team Development and Dynamics
  • Inter-Cultural Conflict Resolution
  • Inter-Cultural Negotiations
  • Inter-Cultural Communication


These outcomes culminate as a result of learning at 4 levels.

Cultural Mapping Assessment. Level 2 of the Cultural Mapping© is a powerful tool to discover the impact of inter-cultural dynamics in the work environment. This tool will help you to develop your inter-cultural leadership ability. Some of the benefits of Cultural Mapping are :

  1. Discover how the 12 Dimensions of Culture have an impact on the work related behavior of the different members of the team.
  2. Use the know-how of Cultural Mapping to get inter-cultural personal and team dynamics insights.
  3. Adjust & fine-tune your team and relational strategies in internal and external organizational relations.
  4. Solve conflict on the basis of a solid understanding of the 'why' of inter-culturally rooted conflicts
  5. Come to grips with the cultural drivers amongst the leadership of the organization and use that to drive the Corporate Culture Development process.

Program Length: 1, 2 or 3 days depending on the ICI levels covered.

Who Should Attend: Directors, Managers, HR teams.


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