Personal problems are like your shadow, no matter which way you turn, they follow you to the workplace. Crises have no respect for rank - they grab hold of anybody. Many responsible companies make in-house counseling available to their personnel. Based on his extensive experience over a period of 9 years as a company counselor for an international petrochemical giant, dr Gustav Gous can equip HR and EAP practitioners in the basics of how to do counseling in companies. Where employee assistance and well-being programmes focus on the majority of the people, it is also necessary to get a specialist like dr Gustav Gous to do executive counseling and to act as a life-coach for leaders. (See also the short article under 'Media').

  • Contact dr Gustav Gous for a pre-consultation to customise a counseling training programme or seminar for your personnel.
  • Contact dr Gustav Gous directly for private and confidential Executive Counseling (+27 825657451) or e-mail him on his private mailbox •This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it•

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