THE SHORT WALK TO FREEDOM Robben Island seminar

Prison_Gustav"We as leaders are all prisoners without knowing: Prisoners of paradigms, prejudice end personal pain. If we can learn from prisoners of the past, we can shorten our walk to freedom to leave longer time for leadership in our respective circles." - Gustav Gous.


A liberating leadership seminar using as venue and textbook, Robben Island, the infamous prison where former president Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 18 of his 27 years of political imprisonment. The Short Walk to Freedom Seminar makes it once again possible for established leaders to arrive on the shores of Robben Island, turn it into the University of Life like the former political prisoners, and leave as even greater leaders! This three day seminar is designed for a selected group of leaders in senior positions, to liberate and equip them to fulfill their leadership roles even better in their own contexts. This seminar has the power to transform you; for you to transform our world! Leaders from all continents are invited, to share in this experience. During the seminar you will embark on a journey that will take you from captivity, through the exhilaration of liberation, to the discovery of your responsibility - in preparation for, and extension of your unique leadership role.

  • Day 1: CAPTIVITY:
    • Identify present-day prisons: Paradigms, prejudice, personal pain, and many moreo Lessons from a variety of prisoners through the ages.
  • Day 2: LIBERATION:
    • Liberation from what is holding me back from fulfilling my life purposeo RESPONSIBILTY: Free to serve.
  • Day 3: LEADERSHIP:
    • Transforming leadership to transform the worldo The birth of new visionso Leadership as a lighthouse to the nation.

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