DIAMOND PROFILE Executive Development

As an acclaimed diamond individual, you need to invest in yourself in order to:

  • Get synergy between your professional and personal life
  • Experience greater meaning and fulfillment in all aspects of life
  • Become an even greater asset to your company and for your loved ones

The Diamond Profile Seminar gives you a scientific three-dimensional picture of the invisible aspects of yourself and a strategic life plan to cut and polish the remaining aspects you would like to focus on. The programme is facilitated on a one-to-one basis (two consultants focusing on one client). The programme is tailor-made for every client according to the needs of the client and the sponsoring company.

Procedure: The programme starts with a pre-consultation with the client to do needs analysis and to help the facilitators to tailor-make the programme according to individual preference. Two full days are then allocated to do the programme itself:

  • Day 1: Information, and day 2: Transformation, +- one week later, to capitalize on strong points and to develop and implement growth plans. It entails detail planning of the company ME(Un)Limited making use of a personalised life planning programme. The programme terminates with a personal consultation, a month after day 2, to discuss and monitor progress.

Programme outline:

  1. Pre-consultation.
  2. Diamond Profile Day 1: Information: Customised profile measurements
  3. Processing and interpretation of data, and compilation of a feedback report.
  4. Diamond Profile Day 2: Transformation: Customised feedback and strategic life/work planning.
  5. Post-consultation: One to two months after the intervention as a follow-up.

A sample of a Diamond Profile Map

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