One day of practical life planning to plan all the different aspects of our lives, and bring it all together in one big holistic life map. The workshop goes beyond mere time management to integrated life planning and mapping. It will benefit you and your company.

We take more care in planning projects, birthday parties and vacations, than planning our lives! This workshop provides you with one day of focused life planning where you do not only plan all the different aspects of our live, but also put it all together on one big holistic life map. Ask yourself: Where am I on my life journey and what do I still want to do before I die? Let's plan the remainder of your life to assure the greatest degree of happiness. Who should attend? Everybody alive! From top professionals to students ... people from all walks of life have benefited thus far. The slogan for the workshop is: If you have a life - come plan it; If you don't have a life - get one!


The take-aways from this workshop:

  • Your whole life mapped on one page (A1 personalized life map)!
  • Life/work integration
  • Attention to detail within the context of the big picture
  • A personal growth plan to bring out your brilliance: Shaping the diamond
  • A life plan how to go effectively in the right direction, living your life purpose
  • Focused attention on often neglected aspects (such as relationship life, etc)
  • Career planning and getting money to work for you
  • Plans to leave a great legacy
  • Overall improvement in your personal happiness rating

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A News Letter on the web site of Professional Impressions

Don't be alarmed by the heading, I am not going to be selling you life insurance!
I recently attended a life altering workshop where for the first time I planned all the aspects of my life on a holistic life map. Basically it made me realise where I was and where I wanted to go–realistically and practically.


A life to Plan

Do you know that we plan more for birthday parties, weddings and vacations, than we do our lives?

Gustav_pi-01I believe the lost art on "how to live" can be mastered if you plan it properly. Planning your life is more than grabbing a clock, calendar, digital diary and year planner. You can do all of this and become more effective, but can be effectively doing the wrong thing. You can even start to climb the ladder of success, but run the risk of realising too late that it was standing against the wrong wall all the time.

The secret to success in life is not to have all the answers but to ask the right questions first: The following questions (taken from the Life Planning Workshop © Gustav Gous) will assist you to plan and provide a clearer direction to your life.

Question 1: Who am I? My Identity.
To know yourself is the starting point for wise living. First find out who you are. Then make a decision that you will live true to yourself. How?
  • Test your wings in different situations
  • Look in the mirror
  • Go for psychometric testing
  • Ask feedback (from friends and enemies)
  • Try new things

Question 2: Why on earth am I on earth? My life purpose.
Life purpose is linked to identity: If you know you are an apple tree – then it is easy to determine your purpose on earth: To produce apples! Stress is when you ask an apple tree to produce oranges! Your purpose is connected to your design. But it is also connected to a need on earth. There is not a single life purpose on earth that is not connected to a need.
  • Doctors – to fulfill the need for healing
  • Teachers – for educating children
  • Personal assistants – the need for order and organization, etc
  • Find your life purpose by connecting your abilities to specific needs.

Question 3: What must I do? My profession.
Choose you profession in line with your purpose. You can live your life purpose through a variety of jobs – before and after retirement. Work will be a pleasure if you do what comes naturally – if you choose a job true to your self and your abilities. You will never be without a job or entrepreneurial salary, if you, with your abilities, fulfill a real need.

Question 4: With whom must I share life? My relations, life partner, business partners, colleagues, teams, etc.

If you know who you are, your choices to choose partners will be much easier. You can make a fitting choice because you can compare them to what you are. The greatest pain and joy in life is connected to choices in this area.

Question 5: Who must I use as a model or which set of guidelines must I use to give shape to my life? My beliefs, faith and values.

You become what you model.
  • Make a list of your beliefs and values and the content of your faith.
  • Make sure that your beliefs are chosen truths that bring life and not death to the party!
  • Ask yourself: Are these values good rules for success? Example: It is better to love people and use money than the other way around. You will reap what you sow here.
“You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die.
Or when.
You can only decide how you’re going to live. Now!”
Joan Baez

Question 6: What do I still want to do before I die? My Dreams.

Make a list of everything you would like to become or achieve, every thing you want, every place you want to visit, everything you would like to do before you die one day.

Question 7: How much time do I have left? My life expectancy.

Your life planning will probably be determined by your age. Your time of death is uncertain; take as guideline:
Live as if you are going to die tomorrow and plan as if you are going to live for a very long time.

Question 8: Which aspects do I have to give attention to in my wheel of life? My family, physical, social, spiritual, professional, financial, aspects of my life.

Map all these aspects on one page and take a close look at it: Where is all my time and money going? Ask yourself: Do I have balance in life? Identify the neglected parts and prioritize accordingly.

Question 9: What process of action steps must I take to fulfill my dreams in each sphere of life? My plan.

Only here you start to use the planning tools of goal setting, calendars, year planners, scheduling, delegating, etc.

Question 10: What is my legacy going to be when I die? My legacy.

The last question is to ask yourself about the legacy you would like to leave. Will people be relieved the day when you die (there goes another dictator, oxygen thief, etc), or will they be saddened by the loss of a great woman/man.
If you begin with the end in mind (your legacy you would like to leave in people and structures), it will help you to decide on what to focus on every day.
Get answers to these questions – it can help you regain the art of living to make the most of your life. Better still – come and attend a Life Planning Workshop where you allocate one full day to work systematically through these questions and formulate your own answers.




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